Biggy 237 house entry: Cameroon’s maiden reality tv show to enter critical phase

On Sunday August 2nd 2020, Cameron’s maiden tele reality TV show ‘Biggy 237’ would move to a decisive phase.

25 contestants who have been voted by Cameroonians over the months would move into the Biggy house to battle for over 10 million francs worth of cash at the end of their two months stay.

The maiden edition of the reality show is considered a game changer in the country’s entertainment industry

Participants would be involved in multiple daily activities in the house such as gaming, entertainment, talent hunt and more.

These activities would be punctuated by weekly eliminations through popular vote and at the end of the their stay the last participant would emerge as winner

The concept which mirrors that of Big Brother Naija and Big Brother Africa is coming to Cameroon for the very first time and will certainly change the talking points in the homes and streets of the country

Organizers tell are TeboPost every measure has been taking including testing of all participants for coronavirus.

Event Managing Director Cyril Akonteh tell TeboPost Broadcast rights have also been secured and a Biggy237 channel is already operational and on air waiting for activities to begin once participants are in the house

The Biggy house has already been set and cameras installed including the decor as Cameroonians a prepare for two months of unrivaled entertinemet and fun from show designed with Cameroonians in mind.

According to the MD, the show would unite Cameroonians, bringing together Cameroonians of both sides of the linguistic divide and they will dedicate one day each week for ecumenical service for peace in the country

It’s going to be month long entertainment.

About Biggy237

Biggy237 is a talent driven initiative aimed at nurturing talent and inspiring hope in young Cameroonians.The Show which is in its maiden edition is open to all Cameroonians 21 years or above living at home or abroad of both English and French expression.

BIGGY237 is undertaking an entertainment business venture to recruit talented youngsters into an online and subsequent home competition broadcasted LIVE online and on a TV Channel for the public to vote for six months.
The show is divided into two phases. Phase one is the task phase.Weekly tasks will be assigned to contestants. Contestants will have to complete the tasks in their

various locations/cities and submit on a given deadline. Each task shall be submitted in a 30 seconds video. Points shall be accumulated and elimination shall take place after every one month. Once only 25 contestants are left in the competition, the show shall move to phase 2. which will be in the Biggy mansion. The take home message in phase 2 will be :
– Emphazising the bilingual nature of Cameroon.
– Projecting and uniting the English and French cultural background of Cameroon.
– Educating the public on how to live and cope with the preventive and protective measures of corona virus.

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