BIAKA University accredited by MINESUP to run post graduate programs under UB’s mentorship

Despite a stamp of approval from Rome visa sa vis bishop’s Michael Bibi’s actions as apostolic administrator of the diocese of Buea, dismissed members of the board of trustees have fired back, yet again

In a hastily prepared and loosely worded communique dated June 16th 2020, the outlawed members of the board went after the bishop, criticizing his actions and reprimanding him for threading within the space of irregularities

The four page communique which was signed by all board members including former President Rev Fr George Nkeze denied to accept the bishop’s decision, saying it seeks to undermine the vision of the University and the mission of its founder, bishop emeritus Immanuel Bushu

The document also stressed to reiterate that Barister Sobe Clive, whonwas recently fires by bishop for petitioning him to IFCU remains CUIB lawyer approved by the board

It remains unclear how the legal mind mind intends to continue his function

Beating a dead horse

The actions from the disgruntled members of the board all of whom have been fired comes barely a day after the bishop held meeting with all employees of the University, giving the them instructions on the future of the University

The bishop during his meeting on June 16th 2020 at his residence told press men that there is only one bishop in Buea diocese and he is the one

He regretted the fact that his changes are creating unnecessary resistance within the diocese but insist he will not be derailed. I am not going to run the diocese like a “fool” the bishop noted.

The prelate also reminded press men that he remains the chancellor, pro-chancellor and proprietor of Catholic University Institute of Buea and hence, reserves the right to take any decision he deems necessary for the good of the church

Answering to why ousting the former administration, the bishop says both President and most of the former board members live in United States and he doesn’t want the university to be Managed from America.

He stressed the fact that he has held regular discussions with the outgoing President and told him the need for the changes.

Watchers of church affairs were stunned when officials of CUIB resisted the bishop’s shakeup in June 11th 2020.

Many say the rebellion from the priest and his proxies was not necessary giving the bishop is the owner of schools and says its violate the vow he took during his ordination to respect his bishop

A communique lacking in credibility?

Many have rubbished the communique as fake, saying it lacks any legality giving that all members of the Board who signed the document have been fired

Many also wonder if a Board can seat without its chairperson (bishop Bibi) and take decisions without his approval

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