Ayaba Cho ends lockdown as operation ”Bamenda clean” enters day 2

Ayaba Cho retreats, orders fighters to end lockdown prematurely as Brigadier General Nka Valere sweeps the city

Separatist leader and patron of the Ambazonia defense force, Ayaba Cho has declared an end to special lockdown imposed on Bamenda following standoff with regional administrators over means of transport in the city.

ADF, the leading fighting force in the North West region had paralyzed the town on Tuesday September 8th 2020 with the ban, embarrassing government officials, punishing denizens and forcing the military to declare operation ”Bamenda clean”

Critics say the premature declaration of an end of lock down is due to the military operation launched by Bridagier General Nka Valere which makes it impossible for seperatist fighters to enforce it.

The military had informed the public of a week long operation to keep the city safe, secure it’s people and their properties  from armed seperatist fighters

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