Apostle Suleman attacks Cameroonian pastors for fighting over members rather than solving crisis.

Opposition leader Maurice Kamto has signed a party decree, appointing members of his party to positions of responsibilities reminiscent to that of a government

In the decree issued today September 3rd, 2020, Kamto appointed what appears to be senior members of ’his government’ in what his loyalists say is preparation for a smooth transition when he takes power

Kamto had promised to lead a street demonstration to topple President Biya from power if he dares organises regional elections within the context of the existing electoral law and ongoing Anglophone crisis

But many Anglophones are saying Kamto is not their man, pointing to the fact that he ran for President in 2018 when the Anglophone crisis was at its peak, only to think about them after his crushing defeat.

Many also accuse the MRC leader of using the Anglophone crisis for political gains with no genuine intention to solve the problem should he rise to power

They point to the fact that he has never visited the regions since the crisis started and refused to meet Anglophone diaspora leaders during his tour abroad after he was released from prison in 2019.

But perhaps, what will further amplify that belief is Kamto’s latest ’cabinet’ which consists of over 50 top officials with only 2 Anglophones acting as deputies.

The decree was signed only in French, further worsening the problem and hurting the wounds of linguistic divide and no Anglophone  occupies a full position

The appointments (largely symbolic though) are huge foretaste of Kamto’s Cameroun and has once again distanced him from the Anglophone population whom he claims to be fighting for

Many are those who now believe the Anglophone problem is better off with Biya at the helm than him.

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