Anti-Government Protests: Kamto ‘Abandons’ Protesters.

Cameroon has never been the same again ever since opposition leader Maurice Kamto announced plans to oust Biya through popular protest from power come September 22nd 2020

The opposition leader accused Yaounde of failing to solve the Anglophone crisis and convening electorates to the polls for regional elections without modifying the electoral laws to level the political field in the country

Ever since the announcement, government has employed all tactics necessary to prevent the march, but the momentum keeps growing, raising concerns that violent clashes are inevitable in an already volatile nation battling with multiple crisis.

Threats of life imprisonment to potential protesters, regional bans on unauthorized protests, street militarization and even deploying of pro-regime protesters to the streets of Douala, Yaoundé and Limbe to show support for Biya has failed to put speed brakes on kamto’s train.

Kamto has remain unfazed, continues to galvanize support from little known opposition leaders and ignoring calls from some of his colleagues of the opposition to forefeet the illegal move

Opposition leader John Fri Ndi warned his supporters, or those left of it to stay home and ignore the calls to move to the streets, but Cameroonians have roasted him on social media for living in past glories

As the nation holds its breath, video of a January 2020 prophecy predicting a bloody September 22nd has surfaced online, and for a faith-based society like Cameroon, that really matters.

Images of similar protests already taking place in Europe are triggering into the country on social media too and there are unconfirmed reports government plans to disrupt internet in the country in the days ahead

Kamto is determined to carry on with his threats none the less and the government is restless and they are not hiding it, making their previous reference to kamto and his party as small political party laughable

Earlier today September 19th 2020, traditional rulers of Bulu, Beti and some villages in the South region took the case to the gods, summoning kamto to the spirits and invoking the gods of the Equatorial forest to protest their own, Paul Biya all at the same breadth.

It is not yet clear how the gods of the equatorial forest would respond to stop kamto from protest but a similar ritual by the traditional rulers of Lebialem against Red Dragon’s Field Marshal and Chris Anu months back has failed to change realities on the ground

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