Anglophone crisis: Fru Ndi takes opposition spirit to chaotic Ambazonian leadership

US based Fru Ndi gives Ambazonian leaders way forward in the crisis. The towering opposition leader was addressing them in a town hall today July 25th 2020.

He made the following key conclusions

1. You have disgraced the Anglophone struggle by people only fighting for money

2. I have seen the governments you people have formed in the diaspora. Until you guys bring yourself together, you are fighting a lost war. Your directives are not coordinated

3. I hear someone contributed 2000 USD for the war I laughed (Fru Ndi insinuating that we are just joking). Fru continued..” lets sit down as brothers and sisters and organised ourselves, chat a way forward for the suffering of those back home”

4. When I was taken by Amba boys, they sang their anthem and let me confess, they sang it so well and it was nice but they cannot forced that on me.

Fru Ndi general tone and message was that Ambazonia leaders in the diaspora have failed and they need to close ranks, come together, get a coordinated directives less it is a lost war they are fighting

Source: BaretaNews

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