Anglophone crisis: Buea finally buries ghost town?

Businesses in the municipality of Buea today July 27th 2020 have all answered to the call of the authorities of the municipality to open up their businesses on Mondays

Shops and businesses were all open across the municipality, creating a rare feeling of buzz and traffic on a day traditionally boycotted by denizens.

The massive response comes after numerous tussles between Municapal authorities and business owners of the municipality.

Mayor Ekema Patrick had pioneered and spearheaded a tireless fight to end the ghost towns even at the heart of the crisis while he wasn’t at the helm of the municipality as mayor and he died fighting the tradition.

Shops and businesses in mainland Buea were all opened today with taxi drivers plying the roads, causing the now routine traffic reminiscent of normal working days in Buea.

The scenes in Buea will give smiles to authorities while causing pain to separatists who had made the weekly ghost town a symbol of their authority and power on ground zero

Buea is particularly significant, giving the south West regional capital is considered the eternal capital of a future Ambazonian state by separatists

Local authorities as well as security forces have recently upped their fight to end the ghost towns which many now agree has been a major embarrassment to government.

Shops in Tiko were also sealed today July 27th 2020 for respecting ghost towns while authorities in Limbe, Kumba, Bamemda, Ndop and other towns and cities have promised hard times to anyone respecting ghost towns.

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