Afrobeat sensation Ignash Moka announces his presence on 237 music stage

Rapper Jovi signals he is going to retire soon and twitter went to an overdrive

The CEO of New Bell Music and one of the most controversial artists in the country took to Twitter in a series of tweets on June 8th, 2020, decrying all sorts of ills in the music industry, blaming everyone else but himself before sandwiching his retirement tweets in his flurry of tweets aimed at his critics.

Jovi has been all over social media lately but not for his music though.

He has been having endless beefs with home-based and foreign artists alike over everything and anything, from his rap style to his continental status and his fashion taste.

Minutes after announcing his intention to retire from the game to his 43.5 thousand twitter followers, artist Blaise B took to the same platform to plead with the rapper to continue inspiring many in the country, saying Jovi remains his mentor and ghost mentor  to many

He tweets


please u can not retire now. I beg u! U’ve been a ghost mentor to me that’s why I created Blaise B & Akwandor -> Jovi & Le Monstre (I never change course to please people).I badly need ur voice on one of my songs. If not for Blaise B please do it for Akwandor @

But Blaise B wasn’t the only one begging the ‘Mboko god’ to remain in the music scene and keep impacting Cameroonians. Artist Rhythms and a host of fans also went on their knees on the platform to beg the man many say is Cameroon’s greatest rapper to remain in the industry or at least do a song with them before he retires.

Blaise B’s comment comes at a time when the artist has come under fire for his controversial and obscure tweet following the breakup between Mr. Leo and Salatiel on June 7th, 2020.

Blaise was criticized for hinting on twitter that  Mr. Leo was under captivity in a tweet moments after the separation of Leo from ABR was announced, leaving many Alpha Better Records loyalists castigating him and labeling him a traitor.

His prostrating tweet for Jovi yesterday June 10th, 2020 who has a religiously loyal and sometimes violent fan base will certainly earn him some good ratings especially among the Mboko gang members

No wonder many Jovi’s followers welcome his move, thanking him for being humble as Jovi acknowledged  his tweet with a tweet carrying three prayer emojis of his own

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