6th Anniversary of Malachi’s ministry: A prophet in ‘Sodom Molyko’

By Akombi Lionel in Buea 

Prophet Malachi Esoh, is one of Cameroon’s most acclaimed, prominent and belauded prophet, and minister of the gospel of Christ.

The charismatic, versatile and unassuming prophet is a collosus in the Evangelical world whom God has blessed his preachings, and has used his faithfulness and impeccable integrity to draw thousands to respond to the call of Christ . Malachi is a man whom God in his infinite mercy has anointed with his oil of blessings.

The Name prophet Malachi Esoh, is the synonym of healing, miracle, deliverance and signs of divine nature. Prophet Malachi has demostrated divine power that is possible through the systematic exposition of the scripture on the pulpit.

The charming dude is well known for his stellar performances on the pulpit, eloquence, conscience-piercing and God exalting preaches, has been a virtuoso of the mic on the pulpit for almost a decade, and has inspired hundreds of preachers to strive for greater efficiency in the proclamation of God’s word.

Prophet Malachie teaching during church service

Prophet Malachie teaching during church service

His influence on the church and the wider society has made significant impact on countless lives. Prophet Malachi is a man of wisdom, unconquerable moral strength and uncommon grace, who has enveiled from the word of God and has reconcile thousands of lost souls to the kingdom of God. Malachi Esoh is a prophet of God who seeks to build bridges the world and the word, between divine revelation and human experience, and to relate one to the other with relevance and integrity.

Malachi is a high-rated prophet and minister of the Gospel with morethan a dozen auspicious, promising and passionate young preachers under his mentorship, whom he is imprinting his uncommon grace upon.

Prophet Malachi is a man with limitless compassion and unbending will to sacrifice for the common good of others. He has made countless donations to different orphanage homes accross the region.

Prophet Malachi Esoh has used the gospel to give a sense of direction and purpose in their lives. He has used the gospel to build values and positive attributes in the youths. Malachi has transformed many lives positive and is restoring the dignity of humanity through his expository preachings.

He has this unfailing humility, resilient spirit, powerful simplicity, limitless compassion, imposing, imposing and a charming outlook that has earned him the admiration of many.

Prophet Malachi and the entire holy mountain of worship church is thus via this platform, informing the general public that the 6th anniversary of ” Holy Mountain of Worship Church will be this Sunday, 2nd of July 2020, at the church auditorium at mile 17, beside M. R. S patrol station, at 4pm this Sunday.

Visit holy mountain of worship church this Sunday, and experience the unprecedented manifestation of the power of God, come and witness how God is going to use prophet Malachi to give sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, destroy generational curses and heal all sicknesses.

Be our guest on Sunday, 2nd August, 2020, come and drink, dance and celebrate with us like one big family

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