20 Vices That Lead To Poverty

Vice also means immoral or wicked habit or characteristics and criminal activity connected with prostitution, gambling, other sexual offenses and drugs. It is a failing or flaw in somebody’s character. These usually have serious implication or impact on what becomes of any so afflicted by a vice or vices.

One of the key secrets to success in life is integrity. Wealth is one of the indicators of success. Many people in ignorance have concluded that success in life is possible by using all means, fair or foul. A man or woman of integrity has fewer vices and in most cases, none. A person bedeviled by vices also lack integrity has regular harrowing experiences that make impossible for the mind and heart to be calm to receive inspiration and direction in the earning and management of income. Even when large amounts have earned by such a person, he or she, like the fool and his or her money is easily parted. Hence, it is impossible for such a person to organize for wealth.

A life of vice is always concluded in poverty, illness and sorrow. Nobody has been smarter than poverty, illness and sorrow during and at the end of it when his or her life has been filled with vices. Here are some of the vices that lead to poverty, which everybody should strive to get rid of in his or her life.

• Prostitution – Commercial sex provider or patron.

• Gambling – betting such as pools, gaming

• Doing Drugs – taking habit-forming drugs, performance enhancing drugs, stimulants, energy drinks.

• Adultery – Violation of the marriage covenant, extra-marital sexual relationship, unchaste behavior and words

• Fornication – premarital sex, unlawful sexual intercourse of unmarried persons, immoral sexual behavior between unmarried adults.

• Lasciviousness – lustful and wanton sexual behavior

• Idolatry – Paying honors to idols, images or any other created objects, the ascription of divine power to natural agencies, excessive admiration or love for any person or thing.

• Witchcraft – The use of supernatural or magical powers to undermine other people’s progress.

• Hatred – Bitter aversion, continued hostility of feeling; detestation.

• Emulation – Ambition to excel; rivalry

• Wrath – Violent anger, indignation, extreme passion

• Strife – Contention for superiority; discord; conflict; quarrel; enmity; war

• Sedition – Any offense against the state less grave than insurrection or treason; tumultuous assembly of people in opposition to lawful authority; the stirring up of such opposition.

• Heresies – A belief or doctrine opposed to fundamental truth; false religious opinion

• Envying – To grudge, feel annoyance at the excellence or prosperity of others, covetous; to feel or exhibit malice; ill will.

• Murders – Homicide with malice aforethought; intentional killing of a fellow human; to kill with premeditated malice;

• Drunkenness – Intoxication; habitual intemperance; frenzy.

• Reveling – Unruly, indulgent festivities, carousing, loud merry-making

• Laziness – Slothfulness, idleness, lethargy, indolence

• Unforgiving Spirit – Merciless, pitiless, ruthless, callous.

Source by Francis Nmeribe

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