Africa Must Change!

If Africa doesn't find a way of genuinely liberating herself from this ferocious neo-colonialism, then she should wait for her complete annihilation in the hands of insatiable colonizers & their African puppets and accomplices ...

Our Core Activity Areas


To succeed in Africa, our work must begin with proper education and change of mindset for that is what Africa needs most in the first place.


We embark on useful partnerships with Africa’s most vibrant activists and pan-africanists to support their endeavours in bringing a new awakening from the scourge of colonialism.


Our sponsorship activities and opportunities are directed towards genuine transformational projects in Africa that will bring Africa out of its colonial dungeon.

Legal Action

In due course, we will embark on the pursuit of legal action against leaders and their accomplices who scourge Africa in any way that leads to slavery and colonialism.


We engage in diplomatic action because this is meant to transform the opinions and approach of the international community towards Africa, to enhance respect for Africa.

African Philosophers

The African Philosopher is the best placed individual to initiate, ignite and pursue the expected change in Africa because African leaders for most of the times need genuine direction.

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